• Posted on: 23 June 2015
  • By: Anonymous (not verified)

My first meeting with Joyce was when guiders at St. Pauls Church did a letter drop recruiting for a new unit – must have been late 1950’s! Sound familiar????? After some persuasion I was allowed to go and from then on Joyce, with Gladys Wright and their families became an influence in my life.

I am sure there are many, many girls – now mums and grand mums who would say the same.

As time went by we both progressed along the many different roads guiding took us.

Joyce was always so supporting of her local guiding District, and Division and later years the trefoil guild. Joyce could always be relied upon whatever the event. Always to be found working quietly and efficiently whether it was refreshments, putting up tents, craft tables or executive meetings it was all taken in her stride.

BUT she was also a great support to her husband Ron and Scouting especially Gang Shows. Together they represented such a great team and Peterborough Scouting and Guiding must be eternally grateful to them both.

My lasting memories:

  • Her extremely tasty cheese and onion sandwiches which she would make and save for me during Peterborough Gang Show rehearsals and show week (knowing full well I would be running in late with no tea!!)
  • County Executive meetings - when we would be reprimanded on occasions for giggling too much
  • Bathing her daughters for my very first Ranger service Badge
  • My wedding reception when she organised our car port with marquee linings for a wonderful affect
  • Such Happy Memories………………….

    Her Funeral will be on 25th June at Newborough Church and then the crem.

    Jayne Lloyd